What do you do after having held positions in major media brands for 20 years? When you’ve produced major television and entertainment entities from as young as “twenty-something”? When you’ve been integrally involved in media properties such as Bad Boy Entertainment, MAXIM magazine, the BBC, the History Channel and Disney Theatrical (“Lion King”, “Mary Poppins” etc.)?

If you’re Jane Nina Buchanan, you organize to widen the circle and get more talented folks launched into the media cosmos. As founder and owner of NYC-based Stoosh PR (“Stoosh” of course is the Jamaican patois term for “fancy”, “classy”), Jane is managing a network that presently numbers close to 500 members.

And beyond sheer quantity, there’s quality galore in the Stoosh PR roll, including an award-winning actor and screenwriter, a premier director of videos and commercial films, a globe-trotting travel writer, a former music industry exec turned jewelry designer, and not a few Jamaican media and communications professionals.

“What we’re about here is leveraging the experience I’ve gained to provide a platform for serious business networking, to help people with great ideas and great ventures be heard and seen in an increasingly crowded marketplace.” She goes even further to state: “Flossing is dead. - Revenue is King!”

A frequent visitor to Jamaica (she recently held a launch mixer for Stoosh PR at Kingston’s Altamont Court Hotel), Jane is seeking to increase and enhance the presence of Jamaican brands and entities in the global media space, where much of the news that gets out still tends to be negative. “My mission is to promote Jamaican talent in business, tourism, manufacturing or the creative field and network them and re-brand and pitch them into the UK and USA market. With leveraged key introductions and specialized pitch. With over 20yrs in major corporations I know where the bodies are buried!” And, she adds, it doesn't have to cost much.

The Stoosh PR Facebook page, she explains, is just a free networking arm of our STOOSH PR company. “Since I was introducing so many clients with each other globally that I needed a forum to link a wider spectrum of people to each other an already it's worked into a few synergies - writers getting syndicated, social networker finding staff and a BAFTA arts initiative in UK linking with a LA television and film actor.”

Originally from Liverpool, England (the town also gave rise to a band you may have heard of – called the Beatles), she started her career as producer and presenter of the SONY award winning show "Streetlife" on the BBC. From radio she moved on to television with seasons as Entertainment Producer for the network Granada TV show, "This Morning" and later "Jameson Tonight" on Sky TV. 

At 25yrs old, she was appointed the position of US Producer for Planet 24 Productions. Based out of NYC she coordinated and produced all US strands for the controversial show "The Word" and later, "The Big Breakfast".  When Planet 24 relocated to LA to produce the successful "Survivor" reality show, Jane decided to make NYC her home and continues to live and work in the media. She has held positions at New Video Group/Docurama (Home Video arm of A&E/The History Channel), Disney Theatrical (Lion King, Mary Poppins and Phil Collins' Tarzan), Maxim Magazine/Dennis Publishing, and Bad Boy Entertainment.

As an authority on PR/Branding/Marketing and Media, Jane is now ready to realize, along with her fast-growing group, the promise and the benefits of the “new” social media, one that goes beyond mere ‘likes’ and status posts to real business. Media is about to get “Stoosh”.