It’s easy and all too common for artistes or other public figures to voice their commitment or to give monetary support to environmental issues and causes.


It’s less common – albeit growing – for artistes to enlist the support of their public in addressing those issues and more noteworthy that figures like international reggae band Rootz Underground are endeavouring along with their fans to be agents of change on an environmental issue.

The issue in question is reforestation and through a band initiative known as Rootz Releaf, tree plantings are taking place all over the world.

Lead singer Steven Newland explained that the concept arose of the need to go beyond conventional enviro initiatives and to keep links with their globally expanding fan base. “Our aim is to have at minimum 100,000 new tree plantings over the course of the next year or so,” he said.

The band is currently touring multiple cities across western and central Europe and is spreading awareness of its reforestation efforts at the various stops on its swing and will replicate those efforts when it hits the US later in the year. “We see the pragmatic necessities of something like this, but we also recognize the importance and the power of appealing to the hearts and minds, to evoke spiritual connections.”

A Google map has been added to the band’s website that will contain the locations of all the trees that have been planted by followers over the course of the project and also has a photo gallery.

The group, which also comprises Jeffrey Moss-Slomon, Charles Lazarus, Colin Young, Leon Campbell and Paul Smith, is asking its fans and well wishers, whether live or online to lend their support to the initiative, and is offering a bit of further incentive. The first person to send a photo along with the GPS co-ordinates of a tree they have planted, for each city on their tour will earn for themselves and a friend guest spots at the show of their choice.


Releaf supporters can send their information to and check out

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