Press release: "a courageous walk in the dark

Career law enforcement officer Rohan Brown has recently added author to his resume, with the publication of his partial memoir, “A Courageous Walk in the Dark.”


A police officer for over 17 years, Brown gradually lost sight in both eyes, a development which challenged him severely. In “A Courageous Walk” he details the nature and extent of those challenges, but also how faith and the support of key associates (wife, family and friends) have helped and still see him through today.

Self-published through iUniverse, the book is also available via Amazon, Apple’s iBook store and several other online portals. He is distributing physical copies of the book by his own enterprise, also via the Sangster’s and Kingston Bookshop retail chains.

The St. Catherine native presently resides in Portland with his wife and two children. Brown is presently working on the follow-up to his debut tome, which he has tentatively titled “Beauty Beyond Blindness.”

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