No, it's not a new comedy duo, but rather it's the double threat of new sensation and a legendary star.


After a resounding start last week, where hundreds of patrons came out to witness the success of the new movement in entertainment, the weekly food-inclusive live comedy series Lady Rennae's Mek Wi Laugh returns with comedy legend Owen 'Blakka' Ellis as well as newcomer Andrew Kelly.


Last week's event, featuring Leighton Smith and Kathy Grant, left a jam-packed audience at Puls8 in stitches, and this edition is expected to be even bigger. Comedian in his own right, emcee Pretty Boy Floyd will once again guide the evening's proceedings, beginning at 7 o' clock.


huge honour


Kelly, who has thus far been plugging away on the corporate circuit, naturally considers it a huge honour to be sharing billing with the veteran.


"Well, Blakka is definitely one of the people in the business that I look up to, so I'm gearing up to deliver the great show that fans would expect, given who is on the bill."


Ellis, for his part, continues to divide his time and comedic energies between Jamaica and Canada, where he has been resident for the last few years. His stage credits are too numerous to mention, but even so, the English/theatre arts teacher continues to give 'the full hundred' at each of his outings and tonight promises to be no different.


The weekly series is the brainchild of Rennae 'Lady Rennae' Garel, who presents the series on the heels of creating FAME-FM's first radio comedy show last year. The show, also titled Mek Wi Laugh and co-hosted by Pretty Boy Floyd and Donald 'Iceman' Anderson, earned rave reviews and attracted huge listenership for the trio.